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Dia Nacional em São Paulo 2016

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Cônsul Geral Renato Pacheco Neto, dia 5 de junho de 2016

Jag hälsar alla välkomna till Sveriges Nationaldagsfirande i SP

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends, good afternoon everyone and welcome to the 2016 Celebration of the National Day of Sweden. First of all I would like to thank, on behalf of the Consulate General, our guests of honors’ presence.

State Authorities and representatives:

  • Ambassador of Sweden Per-Arne Hjelmborn
  • Consul General of Norway Cesar Garrubo
  • Consul General of Finland Jan Jarne
  • Consul General of Russia Yuri Dubinin
  • Consul General of South Africa, Mmaikeletsi Dube
  • Consul General of Portugal Gonçalo Capitão
  • Consul General Jens Olesen – President of Nordlyset
  • Sven Blikstad– President of the Scandinavian Church
  • Jonas Lindström – Swedcham’s Managing Director
  • Johan Norén – Business Sweden Trade Comissioner

Let me start by telling you that I have good and bad news. The bad news is of course the bad weather outside going on. The good news is that you came and that we have good food, drinks, and entertainment for children and a promising lottery for everyone.

We like to get to know new values and share common views on cultural exchange. So, be welcome to one of the most innovative countries on earth: Sweden, a land of innovation, inventors, ideas, social progress, ethics, transparency, democracy & peace.

In 2015 the Consulate joined many external events and organized many interviews to send Brazilians abroad and welcomed many new Swedish families coming to live here as well. We took further action into Team Sweden, with SwedCham, BuS and Embassy. We also further supported the Nordic Alliance through Nordlyset and this Church, besides EU framework, were we promoted EuroCamaras-CAE and the Consul Generals regular meetings almost every month.

When we started planning the event, we wanted again a cocktail party, so that we can better walk around, talk to more people, have our children play outside, and keep the format from last year.

Registrations were checked by the Consulate, which also released the invitation on Facebook, Twitter and counted on valuable help from Swedcham, Church and others. So we are happy that so many of them could join: we have approx. 200 people here today, with families and almost 50 children, young Swedes, future generation.

On behalf of the Swedish Consulate General in São Paulo, I congratulate all Swedes living here on the Swedish National Day and thank you for your important presence this afternoon.

I also want to warmly thank our 15 (fifteen) Sponsors naming each of them, whose generous funding enabled this event today:


I also would like to register a special thank to the 9 (nine) companies who supported the event with gifts for the raffle at the end of today’s event:


I also especially thank the Organization Committee who personally committed: Our team from the Consulate General: Peter, Alexandre and Danielle for the whole coordination and organization! Last but not least also Anette Hjelmborn who convinced and brought to SP her husband, the Swedish Ambassador, Per-Arne to join us again.

Before I finish a question remains following the tradition of this celebration of National Day: Who is the Swede in SP, whom the Consulate General would like to pay tribute to and honor with a simple but very much deserved homage? My colleague Peter Johansson will address some words after I finish.

Tack så mycket, Thank you & Muito obrigado.

Renato Pacheco Neto

Cônsul-Geral em São Paulo


Discurso no Dia Nacional em São Paulo por PerArne Hjelmborn, Embaixador da Suécia no Brasil

I am so happy that I could join you today with my wife Anette to celebrate the National Day here in São Paulo.

June 6 became the Swedish National Day in 1983 but it was only designated a public holiday in 2005 to encourage people to celebrate being Swedish.

Many Swedes are still figuring out what to do with the holiday. Some Swedes even say, ‘Why do we need a National Day when we have midsummer? Midsummer is our national holiday.’ Others worry that a National Day will stir up the wrong kind of nationalism.

But I believe that we should take the National Day seriously. It’s a time for us to reflect on our history and what it means to be a citizen of our free and democratic country.

It is also a day which everyone can celebrate, regardless of culture or religion that can do a lot to bring the nation together. Immigrants are especially eager to embrace the holiday. Many of them associate the day with receiving Swedish citizenship. This is important not least in these times of hope and despair with an ongoing global refugee crisis. Sweden has taken a large share of the responsibility and has received more asylum seekers than ever before and the most per person in the EU.

Against this background it is perhaps no surprise that Sweden was recently ranked as the nation that makes the greatest contribution to humanity as a whole. According to the so called Good Country Index, created by the nation branding guru Simon Anholt, Sweden outranks 162 other countries in a league table based on 35 different indicators from sources including the UN and WB.

Europe is going through difficult times and so is Brazil. But I am optimistic. I think that the Brazilian democracy and its democratic institutions are equipped to solve the current problems. This is such a fantastic country with so much potential and you have done it before.

So when I meet with Brazilians that seem a bit miserable these days I try to cheer them up and tell them first: don’t forget you are a continental power and you have already achieved one of the most impressive economic transformations in the in the last two decades. You have a lot to build on.

Secondly, I tell them that Sweden is happy to be a close friend and partner to you in this process. Brazil is our most important partner in Latin America and we share fundamental values on democracy, rule of law and human rights. Our frequent exchange of high level visits will continue and the Gripen project means that we will cooperate closely together the next 30-40 years.

I started off my speech saying that National Day celebrations and demonstrations of national pride in general don’t come naturally to many Swedes. But there is one important exception and that has to do with sports. Here it is OK – and almost expected – to be super nationalistic. There are now two big sporting events coming up which will attract a lot of attention in Sweden. The first one is the Euro 2016 in football which for Sweden starts with the match against Ireland on Friday.

The next big event is of course the Olympic Games in Rio. I am convinced that they will be truly spectacular. I will be there supporting the Swedish team together with the Sports minister and the King and Queen of Sweden. I hope that both Swedes and Brazilians will have plenty of good reasons to celebrate during the competitions.

Between the Euro 2016 and the Olympics I will squeeze in my vacation and I hope that some you will be able to do the same.

Summer in Sweden is for all of us something special. Expectations are always high. Let us therefore promise ourselves to, as often as possible this summer, enjoy the moment. Perhaps disconnect for a while from Twitter, blogs, mobile phones, TV and computer games. Take a boat trip, go fishing, pick some berries or mushrooms, meditate at sunset.

I hope that all of you will find your very own ways of making the most of your summer.

Let me end by thanking our excellent Consul General, Renato Pacheco, and his team for organizing this fantastic event. It is always a pleasure to work with you and the other partners of Team Sweden.

Let’s raise the glass for Sweden and for the excellent Sweden-Brazil relations.

Skål! Thank you!

Per-Arne Hjelmborn
Embaixador da Suécia no Brasil


5 de junho, 2016