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Dia Nacional da Suécia

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Swedish National Day 2014, celebrated on June 8th at the Scandinavian Church in São Paulo, by Renato Pacheco Neto, Consul General of Sweden

Ladies, Gentlemen and dear friends, good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Celebration of the National Day of Sweden.

First of all I would like to thank, on behalf of the Consulate General, our guests of honor’s presence:

  • Minister Counselor Pernilla Josefsson-Lazo from the Embassy
  • Consul General of Denmark Eva Bisgaard Pedersen
  • Consul General of Norway Cesar Bueno Garrubo
  • Our f. Consul General Barry Bystedt, his spouse Marietta

Let me start by telling you that I have some good news and some bad news. The first of the good news is of course the fantastic weather outside. The bad news, as you are already aware of, is that Sweden is not going to participate in the World Cup. But the second piece of good news is that Brazil will be World Champion again, this time at home, after 64 years after the last final at Maracanã!!

Jokes aside, approximately 4.000 tickets have been bought by Swedes coming to Brazil according to FIFA statistics. They will of course have a lot of fun and enjoy the country, our people, our cities and spread their own impression about Brazil back in Sweden.

Most of them do not master the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil, and may need our help, from the Consulate and from you Swedes leaving here. In March of this year, the Swedish Embassy organized a very nice Consular Conference, where the issue of Crisis Management was also discussed. We presented the idea of building up Team SP, which consists of the Consulate General, the Church, Business Sweden, SwedCham, CISB and the Scandinavian Association. If you want to volunteer, please contact one of us later.

Swedes in SP. When organizing this National Day, the Consulate, with great help from the Scandinavian Church and from the Chamber of Commerce , could update and put together almost 500 active e-mail addresses and invited them all.

Unfortunately, we could not host more than 200 people in this lovely church. Therefore we had to apply the first come first served method. But those who could not join us today will have another chance next year and they are not forgotten, as they also are part of the Swedish colony here in SP.

We still remain the largest Nordic Colony in Brazil, and one of the largest in the world accounting approx. 500 families and around 2.000 people, either emigrated from Sweden or already born here in Consulate General of São Paulo’s jurisdiction.

Sweden in Brazil. In 2013 Sweden enhanced its presence in Brazil through different projects in the areas of science, technology cooperation and academic exchange. The Science without Borders program together with other initiatives like CISB in São Bernardo do Campo and also the SAAB Gripen project are remarkable and deserve our greatest respect. I met with the new Ambassador Per-Arne Hjelmborn, who is coming to Brasilia to carry on these important issues, in Stockholm two weeks ago.

Sweden’s June 6, 1809, Constitution set forth principles of democracy and freedom, to which all nations should aspire. Those shared values continue to form the bedrock of the close friendship between Sweden and Brazil today.

On behalf of Swedish Consulate General in São Paulo, I congratulate all Swedes living here on the 205th anniversary of the adoption of Sweden’s Constitution.

Last but not least I want to warmly thank our Sponsors, naming each of them, whose generous support enabled this event today:


And of course I also specially thank the Organization Committee who personally committed: Cecilia Calson and her team from Scandinavian Church, Viviane Ringbäck from SwedCham, our team from the Consulate General: Danielle, Richard and Alexandre. And I ask for a big applause to Ulf Olsson and his marvelous piano and to Jonas Lindström our toastmaster. Thank you very much!


Speech at National Day Celebration in Sao Paulo June 8th 2014 By Minister Counselor Pernilla Josefsson Lazo

First of all I would like to thank our Honorary Consul General, Renato, for hosting this event, the Swedish church, the distinguished guests of honor, the generous sponsors and, last but not least, all the members of the Swedish community in São Paulo who are here today. It is a privilege for me and my family to be here and celebrate the Swedish National Day with all of you.

Since this is the first time I have the opportunity to meet many of you I would like to introduce myself and my family a little bit. This is my husband Ruben and my children Leticia, Alexander and Nathalie. I am the Deputy Head of Mission. We arrived to Brasilia in September last year from Paris and I have previously been posted at the Embassy in Washington and at the Swedish Delegation to the OECD in Paris. Brazil is a dream posting for us in many ways. In fact my master’s degree from UC Berkeley is in Latin American studies. My husband is Uruguayan, now with a German passport, but he actually grew up right here in São Paulo. Our closest family on his side still lives here. So being here today, in the hometown of my husband, celebrating with the Swedish community is a very special moment for us.

But it is also a dream posting because Brazil is a very exciting country in the world and this is an especially exciting year for Brazil and Sweden. First we have the World Cup. Sweden might not be in it but it is still exciting. 4500 tickets have been sold to Sweden and we are expecting about 2000 Swedes to come for the “copa”. The Embassy is cooperating closely with our honorary consulates, the other Nordic Embassies, the EU and others to provide the consular services needed during the cup.

This is also the year of elections –in the European Parliament, in Sweden and in Brazil. The embassy is following the Brazilian elections closely and the potential changes they may bring.

This is also a year of change within the Embassy. Our current Ambassador, Magnus Robach, will leave this summer to take up the position as Ambassador in Tokyo. Our new ambassador is Per-Arne Hjelmborn and he has previously been posted in Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Santiago de Chile. Currently he is heading the department for Promotion and the EU Internal Market at the Ministry in Stockholm. He is thus very well placed to continue the ambitious promotion work being carried out by the embassy and our partners in Team Sweden –Swedcham, Business Sweden and the Honorary Consulates,.

Brazil is the most important export market for Sweden in Latin America. Over 220 Swedish and Swedish-related companies are present, employing 60 000 people with a turnover of about 100 billion SEK per year. The embassy has a new promotion plan for the next three years. The priorities include innovation and technology, environment and sustainable solution, creative industries, rights based approaches, public and digital diplomacy and educational exchange and research cooperation. We are doing many events in close cooperation with Team Sweden and our Brazilian partners. To mention an example in the education sector we have, within the program Ciências Sem Fronteiras, managed to double the amount of Brazilian students going to Sweden. This coming fall 90 students will go to Sweden to study at master’s level and in addition we will have students on research level.

Our top priority at the moment is Gripen. After a procurement process that started a decade ago, Saab was chosen as preferred bidder in December last year. We are hoping that a contract will be signed before the end of this year. The importance this contract will have on Sweden’s strategic partnership with Brazil over the long term cannot be overstated and we are expecting important spillover effects into many areas. When the contract is signed Sweden and Brazil are intimately linked together for years to come.

Thank you very much. I am so happy to be here with all of you today. Skål, saude, cheers!



8 de junho, 2014