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  Comemoração do Dia Nacional em São Paulo 2017

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Sverige Nasjonal Dag 2017 -17

A pastora sueca Åsa Ström Broman começou as atividades com um culto na Igreja Escandinava acompanhada musicalmente por Anders Carlén e Roberto Straube entre outros.

A comemoração foi um sucesso e contamos com mais do que 200 pessoas presentes e um tempo maravilhoso que permitiu atividades externas também. Os participantes do evento têm recebido um questionário de avaliação e agradecemos todos que responderam e ajudaram a melhorar as futuras comemorações.

Chegando no Scandinavium tivemos música ao vivo da cantora Fátima Fonseca que apresentou um repertório misturado com tudo desde bossa nova, fado e até música sueca.





A pintora Katarina Nagy literalmente enquadrou o evento com suas obras lindas.

Sverige Nasjonal Dag 2017 -405




Kubb é um jogo antigo de origem sueca. Svante Hjorth apresentou o jogo para os presentes e tiveram a oportunidade de jogar no jardim da Igreja Escandinava.

Confira quem foi o Sueco Homenageado em 2017!


Agradecemos todos os nossos patrocinadores!



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 Palestra do Cônsul-Geral Renato Pacheco Neto

Jag hälsar alla välkomna till Sveriges Nationaldagsfirande i São Paulo

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends, good afternoon everyone and welcome to the 2017 Celebration of the National Day of Sweden. First of all I would like to thank, on behalf of the Consulate General, our guests of honors’ presence.

E. Ambassador of Sweden Per-Arne Hjelmborn
Former Consul General of Sweden – Barry Bystedt/spouse

Consul General of Denmark Eva Pedersen
Consul General of Norway Cesar Garrubo<
Consul General of Finland Jan Jarne
Consul General of France – Brieuc Pont
Consul General of Luxembourg Jan Eichbaum
Consul General of Hungary Szilárd Teleki/ Bruna Croce
Consul General of Myanmar Ricardo Cury
Vice Consul General of Portugal Hugo Gravanita
Vice Consul of Finland Daniela Metsaranta

Sven Blikstad– President of Scandinavian Church
Vagn Andersen – Vice President of Nordlyset
Susanne Osborn – Director of Scandinavian Fair
Anders Norinder – SwedCham’s Vice President
Jonas Lindström – SwedCham’s Managing Director
Andreas Rentner – Business Sweden Trade Commissioner
Heloisa Ribeiro, Childhood Executive Director
Klaus Drewes,Childhood Board Member
Roberto Koga – Corecon Board Member – TRT Campinas

Let me start by telling you that I today I do only have good news. The weather outside is great. The house is full and we thank you all for coming with your families. We hope you enjoy the good food, drinks, and entertainment for children and also a promising quiz for adults. Through the quiz we like to get to challenge your knowledge on cultural exchange. So, be welcome to one of the most innovative countries on earth: Sweden, a land of innovation, inventors, ideas, social progress, ethics, transparency, democracy & peace. In 2016 the Consulate joined many external events and organized many interviews to send Brazilians abroad and welcomed many new Swedish families coming to live here as well. We took further action into Team Sweden, with SwedCham, BuS and Embassy. We also further supported the Nordic Alliance through Nordlyset and this Church, besides EU framework, were we promoted EuroCamaras-CAE and the Consul Generals regular meetings almost every month. When we started planning the event, we wanted again a cocktail party, so that we can better walk around, talk to more people, have our children play outside, and keep the format from last year. Registrations were checked by the Consulate, which also released the invitation on Facebook, Twitter and counted on valuable help from SwedCham, Church and others.  So we are happy that so many of them could join: we have approx. 200 people here today, with families and almost 50 children, young Swedes, future generation. On behalf of the Swedish Consulate General in São Paulo, I congratulate all Swedes living here on the Swedish National Day and thank you for your important presence this afternoon. I also want to warmly thank our 15 (fifteen) Sponsors naming each of them, whose generous funding enabled this event today:


I also would like to register a special thank to the 8 (eight) companies who supported the event with gifts for the raffle at the end of today’s event:


I also especially thank the Organization Committee who personally committed: Our team from the Consulate General: Peter, Alexandre and Danielle for the whole coordination and organization! Before I finish a question remains following the tradition of this celebration of National Day: Who is the Swede in SP, whom the Consulate General would like to pay tribute to and honor with a simple but very much deserved homage? My colleague Peter Johansson will continue.

Renato Pacheco Neto Cônsul-Geral em São Paulo


Palestra do Embaixador Per-Arne Hjelmborn

I am so happy that I could join you for the third consecutive year here in Sao Paulo to celebrate the National Day.

The National Day celebrations provide an opportunity to reflect on our history, our values and what it means to be a citizen of our free and democratic country. This is important, especially a year like this when our Swedish model has been debated both at home and abroad.

Globalization was predicted to bring about the end of the Swedish model and indeed the Nordic way of organizing our societies, but instead – I believe – it is fair to say that it has confirmed the Nordic countries’ capability to undertake structural reforms and increase competitiveness. The unusual combination of a strong state and extreme individualism provides the basis for high levels of social trust, which in turn has paved the way for an efficient market economy and an inclusive welfare state. An open mind and a will to include people in a common social contract has been a key to attracting and gaining global competitiveness.

Globalization means a lot of opportunities but also challenges. Take migration for instance. Since 2011 Sweden has given protection to almost 150 000 Syrians fleeing war – more than any other country per capita in Europe. Now there is a discussion that seems to imply that we in some way should be ashamed of this. Of course we should not. We should be proud. This is Sweden’s largest humanitarian operation since the Second World War. These people will be entering the strongest labour market we have seen in many years. If we are managing things well in terms of jobs, schools and housing, and reducing social gaps, this will generate a tremendous boost to our economy. And it will help us to stay at the top end of the scale in rankings made by institutions like the OECD, and the Global Economic Forum in in areas ranging from economic development, innovation and skills to environmental quality, health status and gender equality.

Here in Brazil I am happy to say that we have managed to maintain and even further develop our already very active bilateral agenda despite all the difficulties that this country is going through. The key event this year is of course the very successful visit to Brazil by their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden in April.

Their majesties participated in the second Brazil Sweden Business Leaders’ Forum here in São Paulo. We had a very good line up from both industry and government. President Temer, several ministers, former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso and the rest of the top brass from PSDB including Geraldo Alckmin and João Doria were among the participants.

Their majesties also participated in the Global Child Forum which gathered more than 400 regional leaders and top decision-makers from business, civil society, academia and government from South America.

Overall I am very happy with the outcome of this visit. Our strategy to combine a focus on children’s rights with business worked out perfectly and gave us a lot of attention. All in all we managed to raise the profile of Sweden in many areas of importance to our bilateral agenda. Now we are working hard on the follow up this important visit.

Our next really big event will be the sixth edition of our Sweden-Brazil innovation weeks between 25 September to 6 October. Just as last year we will cover some 10 cities and organize up to 20 activities related to different aspects of the Sweden-Brazil innovation cooperation.

I would also like to mention that next year 2018 we are planning to highlight the 100-year anniversary of Ingmar Bergman – the world famous filmmaker and  theatre director. Bergman’s legacy constitutes a unique part of our Swedish cultural heritage and he is very much appreciated in Brazil. So I therefore believe that this is an excellent platform to use for promoting Swedish culture as well as business.

And of course our excellent Consul General, Renato Pacheco, and his team will be important partners here. It is always a pleasure to work with you and Team Sweden and thank you for organizing this fantastic event today.

Before I conclude I would also like to wish you all happy holidays. Personally I will go back to Sweden soon to celebrate midsummer. I hope to be able to disconnect for a while from e-mails and mobile phones and all other modern elements that generate stress and instead focus more on being with my family, reading good books, go fishing and take long walks in the forests.

I hope that all of you will find your very own ways of making the most of your summer.

Thank you!

 Per-Arne Hjelmborn

Embaixador da Suécia para o Brasil